DECEMBER 9, 2022
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Perthnama Australia, a prominent Indian newspaper in Western Australia (WA), has been serving the community since its establishment in Perth on February 2, 2015. Founded by Sardar Piara Singh Nabha, a dedicated philanthropist with a strong sense of public service, the newspaper operates under the guidance of a trust composed of three esteemed individuals: Karan Nabha, Raman Ahluwalia, and Lakhjit Bains. Additionally, Perthnama Australia benefits from the contributions of volunteers from around the globe.

As the largest Indian newspaper in WA, Perthnama Australia is committed to delivering news and perspectives without any form of bias or prejudice. The publication prides itself on maintaining a sense of restraint and moderation, avoiding agitational language and partisanship that can taint the objectivity of reporting. It upholds the principles of independence and integrity, ensuring that readers receive accurate and unbiased information.

Perthnama Australia has become a vital source of news for the Indian community in Western Australia. It serves as a platform for individuals to stay informed about local and international events, politics, culture, business, sports, and other topics of relevance. By providing comprehensive coverage, the newspaper plays a significant role in connecting the Indian diaspora and fostering a sense of community.

One of the distinguishing features of Perthnama Australia is its commitment to highlighting stories and issues that often go unnoticed by mainstream media. The newspaper strives to shed light on the achievements, challenges, and contributions of the Indian community, showcasing the rich cultural heritage and diverse experiences of its members. Through in-depth articles, interviews, and features, Perthnama Australia amplifies voices that might otherwise be overlooked.

The trust overseeing Perthnama Australia, consisting of Karan Nabha, Raman Ahluwalia, and Lakhjit Bains, ensures the newspaper's adherence to ethical standards and responsible journalism. They provide guidance and strategic direction, upholding the principles of integrity and transparency. Their collective expertise and commitment to community service enable Perthnama Australia to thrive as a reliable source of information.

The dedication of volunteers from around the globe further strengthens Perthnama Australia's impact. These passionate individuals generously contribute their time and skills to support the newspaper's operations, ensuring its continued success. Through their efforts, Perthnama Australia is able to sustain its mission of providing accurate, balanced, and unbiased news to the Indian community in WA.

Over the years, Perthnama Australia has evolved into more than just a newspaper. It has become a platform for community engagement, bringing people together through various initiatives and events. The publication actively promotes cultural exchanges, celebrations, and awareness campaigns, fostering a sense of unity and pride among its readers.

In an era dominated by digital media, Perthnama Australia has embraced technological advancements to reach a wider audience. The newspaper maintains an online presence, allowing readers to access its content conveniently through digital platforms. This digital expansion has not only increased the accessibility of the publication but also facilitated a broader exchange of ideas and perspectives within the Indian community.

As Perthnama Australia continues to grow and adapt to the changing media landscape, its core values remain unwavering. The newspaper remains committed to unbiased reporting, journalistic integrity, and community service. It serves as a bridge between the Indian community and the wider Australian society, promoting understanding, inclusivity, and cultural diversity.

In conclusion, Perthnama Australia stands as a testament to the vision of Sardar Piara Singh Nabha and the dedicated efforts of its trustees, volunteers, and contributors. Since its inception in 2015, the newspaper has become an integral part of the Indian community in Western Australia, providing a trusted source of news and fostering a sense of unity. With its unwavering commitment to unbiased reporting and community service, Perthnama Australia continues to play a vital role in connecting, informing, and empowering its readers.

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